Why candidate background search is important?

For a recruiter / hiring manager, it is very crucial to make the right hiring decision. It is because a bad hire can cost you so dearly in terms of investment of time and resources. Moreover, it can also have a negative impact on the productivity, employee morale, growth of the organization and credibility among the customers, etc.

To avoid such hiring risks, every recruiter / hiring manager need to go that extra mile to perform a background search on the candidate. In addition to stringent screening processes, you need to research on a candidate from various sources that are available on the Internet.

What are the sources? With the explosion of social media, the Internet is flooded with lots of tools and applications through which candidates can interact with a group of people, community, organization, etc. You can find the candidate details from social networking sites, blogs, forums, personal websites, alumni associations, etc.

References and comments from superiors, peers, and customers; information about technical background and skill set; involvement in various professional group activities, etc. provide you more information about the candidate than the conventional resume.

Thus, candidate background search plays an inevitable and important role in the recruitment process. It helps you assess the candidate in different perspectives and helps you make the right hiring decision.