Power Tools to Quickly Build a Talent Pipeline

Sourcing candidates from the Internet, screening for qualified ones and then entering their details into a database are 3 major activities involved in building a resume database. Unfortunately, each of these activities consumes a huge amount of time.

With the eGrabber power tools for recruiters, you can accomplish all of the above and more in an amazingly short period.
1) ResumeFinder: An automated resume search tool that programs search engines to find passive resumes, of your choice, from – resume portals, social networking sites, Internet communities, blogs, etc. (Download 3 day free-trial)
2) ResumeGrabber: An automated resume import tool that extracts resumes from almost any source on the Internet, screens and transfers qualified resumes to your existing database. (Download 3 day free-trial)

Buy eGrabber recruiting solutions today and save 90% of the time and money you would normally spend in building a resume database.