Automate Resume Screening to Select Qualified Candidates Quickly

Screening resumes can save the amount of time and money an organization spends interviewing marginally qualified, and, or suited, candidates (Cook, 1992).

In the past decade, only a few have focused on the importance of screening resumes. Resume screening is particularly crucial when recruiting middle and senior level staff.

Prior to screening resumes, the recruiter should have a list of standards and criteria against which they can compare resumes. Ideally the recruiters will have to develop a list of essential and desirable skills, knowledge, and work experience.

With the advent of Internet, hundreds of emails clutter the recruiters’ Inbox everyday. The recruiters find it very difficult to apply a set of consistent standards across multiple candidates.

If they can review all the resumes on the same day, it is possible to maintain the consistency in the standards. However, it is not practically possible to screen hundreds of resumes manually on the same day.

Screening a stack of resumes can be done quickly by using a software. eGrabber, the recruiting solutions provider, has developed ResumeGrabber Pro to automate the time-consuming and labor intensive screening process.

ResumeGrabber Pro has been designed with an insight to automate the resume screening by highlighting the competency factors like skills, experience, knowledge preferences. This excellent tool has always helped the recruiters in comparing the resumes based on the criteria transparently.

ResumeGrabber Pro organizes the resume data and displays them in a grid - a simple spreadsheet that has rows and columns to sort quickly and screen the resumes using information such as location, skill sets, job category, years of experience and other keywords. The recruiters no longer have to open individual resumes. The detailed resume is displayed in the bottom half of the grid and can be viewed in the "original view" or "snippet view." The snippet view reveals only portion of the resume that contain relevant keywords. The keywords are highlighted making it easy to view and identify relevant experience.

Recruiters using ResumeGrabber Pro agree that it is an essential software tool for any recruiter who has to deal with the high volume of online resumes today.

See how ResumeGrabber can save you time and money right away. Download and try ResumeGrabber Pro today!

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Premanand Arumugam

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