Anchor Tag in Google

Source: eGrabber Newsletters

"Anchor" is an HTML tag used by developers to create web pages basically for two purposes. One is to create a link to another document and the other is to create a bookmark inside a document.

You can use this tag to locate resumes on the Internet as Google and a few other search engines allow you to search the web page for this tag. This is surely a lesser-known and under-utilized method but can be very productive.

Using it is simple. Type this search string in the Google text box:
anchor:"view resumes" Click the search key and you will get a list of many pages that have a link or button that says "view resumes".

Some of the resume pages will require passwords but many won't as there are many free resumes sites on the Internet. You can add a keyword or two at the end of the string to look for resumes of interest to you.

Premanand Arumugam

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