4 tips to source top talent in the future

Sourcing top talent is still considered as one of the major challenges faced by recruiters. With talent shortage on the rise, it is essential for recruiters to have a tab on the latest recruiting trends and follow strategies that will help them to source top talent in the future.

Try the following:

  1. Social networks - A recent study revealed that social networks are going to be one of the major sources to look for top candidates, not only active candidates but also passive candidates. A lot of job candidates have started using social networks to look for jobs. Statistics reveal that about 52% of active job seekers use Facebook to look for jobs followed by LinkedIn 38% and Twitter 34%. So recruiters need to have social media recruiting as one of their strategies to succeed. For recruiters who are already in the social media space, they need to focus more to make the most of it and for recruiters who are yet to get into social media, it's high time they consider this as one of their recruiting strategies.
  2. Build your talent pipeline - With lack of talent & skills on the rise, it is always advisable that recruiters don't need to wait for a job order to start sourcing candidates. They can go ahead and build the talent pipeline. Based on your requirements, target passive candidates, try to reach them and build rapport with them.  
  3. Engage with your targeted candidates. Be consistent, creative, relevant and instill a sense of urgency if required.
  4. Make use of the right tools and technology to source candidates, build a targeted candidate pool and maintain your candidate database