The latest recruiting trends across the world

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Knowing the latest trends in recruiting will certainly help recruiters, both in-house and third party recruiters, to assess whether they are up to date with the industry trends and modify their recruiting strategies accordingly to stay in the race. As we are in the halfway stage in the year 2015, LinkedIn has published a report on the latest recruiting trends and its impact on the industry.

Sourcing new hires
When it comes to sourcing new talent, online job boards (74%) still tops the list despite the tremendous growth and popularity of social and professional networks. However, things are improving and there has been a substantial increase in social media recruiting (59%). Top social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have helped recruiters access the talent pool much easier and faster than before. The report also revealed company career websites (64%) and internal recruiting (62%) as some of the other popular sourcing methods.
Mobile Sourcing
The trend for mobile sourcing is on the rise as candidates are increasingly using their mobile devices to look for jobs. However, most of the companies are lagging behind in this area. They need to invest to optimize their career websites for mobile users.

Quality Hires
When it comes to sourcing quality hires, again, online job boards topped the list with India (79%), Nordics (77%), the UK (68%) and the US (74%) followed by social media with Brazil (69%) and Netherlands (76%). However, social media recruiting has grown by 73% in the last 4 years – the highest of all other sources. So companies that are not on social media should consider trying this strategy to find the best talent.

Talent / Employer Brand
Talent / Employer brand is also considered as one of the important factors in sourcing top talent. Many top organizations say that talent brand definitely has an impact on recruiting the top candidates, and therefore, most of the talent acquisition leaders are ready to invest on employer branding initiatives and promote them via social media channels and other sources to make the most of it.

According to the report, some of the major advancements in the recruiting industry include Social Media, Mobile and Big Data.    

The Future of Recruiting
When it comes to the future of recruiting, respondents chose the following trends that would last long: 
  1. Social & Professional Networks - 37%
  2. Employer Branding – 34%
  3. Sourcing passive candidates – 26%
In the next 5-10 years, respondents believe that:
  • Improved job matching to candidates would have a huge impact on the recruiting industry (53%).
  • Recruiting will become like marketing (46%).
The above findings suggest that social & professional networks can be considered as one of the major recruiting trends in 2015 as it not only helps find the best talent but also helps build the talent/employer brand.