7 reasons why you should X-ray search LinkedIn

Top LinkedIn experts and searchologists say that one of the most effective ways to search LinkedIn is to X-ray search through Google or Bing. Here are 7 reasons why you should do:
  1. Helps you get the full names of 3rd degree and out-of-your-network connections.
  2. Gets you 1000 results as opposed to 100 results with LinkedIn internal search.
  3. You can use * (asterisk) to search profiles which cannot be done in LinkedIn.
  4. Search across multiple countries and regions in one search script whereas with LinkedIn advanced search you got to search individually that involves a lot of effort.
  5. Search profiles using date fields.
  6. Prioritizes the most relevant profiles first based on search algorithms & rankings.
  7. Search people based on the languages they speak.   
Source: eGrabber Newsletter