3 tips to place candidates quickly

Placing a candidate is similar to closing a sale. Sometimes you feel very low when you have to wait for the employer’s feedback when you already have a job order and a suitable candidate for placement.

In such cases, you can try this:
  1. Call the employer and schedule for an EIO (employer-in-office).
  2. Inform the employer that the position can be filled right away as you have a set of pre-screened qualified candidates.
  3. Schedule an interview for the candidates with the employer at your office on a specified date and time, and mention the duration of the interview as well.
This process enables the employer to quickly select the right candidates and subsequently schedule the second/final interviews at the employer’s place. 

This process enables you to:
  • Control the candidate flow and have an edge over your competitors
  • Set a performance deadline for yourself
  • Avoid the resume submission delay and focus on the results
  • Place candidates quickly