Boolean search automation @ just $69.95

Using Boolean search strings is one of the best ways to source candidates from various resources. Yes, there is no doubt about that. But how much time do you spend to craft a Boolean search string for every requirement and alter the search parameters to get the desired results?

Things can get much worse when you are working on a deadline for one of your major clients and you miss out on something on a lengthy search string. It eventually takes a lot of effort and time to figure it out, and in the process, there are chances that you might lose a potential candidate or client. This is where Boolean search automation comes handy.

Boolean search automation helps you to automate Boolean search and save a lot of time that you can use more productively. Boolean search automation tools enable you to source like experts. Irrespective of whether you are an expert or a novice recruiter, Boolean search automation tools help you to quickly source the right candidates at ease.

ResumeGrabber Suite is a Boolean search automation tool that helps you to automate Boolean search. You don’t need to write or memorize complicated Boolean search strings. All you need to do is just enter the resume keyword, select the search script and click Find. The built-in expert Boolean search strings in ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to instantly search resumes from various sources such as search engines, job boards, social & professional networking sites, blogs, personal websites and portals, etc.

What’s more? ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to extract the resumes or profiles with a click of a button. It also helps you to screen candidates and perform background check for the selected candidates. 

Using ResumeGrabber Suite, you can now source & extract resumes from almost any source, screen & shortlist candidates more quickly and easily than ever.

ResumeGrabber Suite is now available at just $69.95/month.

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