Speed up Recruiting Process and increase Productivity by 80%

In the recent times, with shortage of talent on the higher side, recruitment has become a lengthy process. Recruiters are either finding it difficult to fill positions or taking more number of days to fill the job openings. Eventually, a lengthy recruitment process affects the clients, candidates and the recruiters as well. In a most demanding competitive market, recruiters just couldn’t deliver the goods on time.

Some recruiters feel that skipping a few unwanted steps in the recruitment process can speed up the recruiting process. But the fact is that most of the recruiters spend a lot of time on key recruiting elements that you cannot skip. Surveys reveal that recruiters spend a great deal of time to source resumes, extract resumes and perform candidate background check. So recruiters cannot afford to skip these recruiting elements but they can try automating resume sourcing, resume extraction and candidate background check. Automating key recruiting activities helps recruiters save more than 60% of their time.

An automated online recruitment software speeds up the recruitment process. It helps recruiters streamline the recruiting process without having to skip anything. An online recruiting software helps you to quickly and easily source resumes from resume sites, social networking sites, personal websites, blogs and other internet communities using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista and AlltheWeb. You can source both active candidates as well as passive candidates. The built-in expert Boolean search strings help you to source hundreds of resumes in a single click.

Another key activity where recruiters spend a lot of time is resume extraction. Manually extracting resumes from various resume sources leaves them with very little time to contact the candidates. Online recruitment software has a built-in resume parser that helps you to extract resumes or import resumes from search engines, job boards, email folders, PC folders, social and professional networking sites, etc. This totally eliminates the tiresome and time-consuming task of manual resume extraction and also helps recruiters to screen resumes quickly.

The next time-consuming activity is performing candidate background check. As candidates are available all over the Internet, recruiters are very keen to know more about the candidates before making the hiring decision. With a click of a button, you can quickly get to know about the online imprints of your candidates from the most popular social networking and professional networking sites. Therefore, an online recruitment software helps recruiters to speed up recruiting process and increase productivity by 80%.    

ResumeGrabber Suite is one such recruiting software that helps you to source resumes, extract resumes / import resumes and perform candidate background check with a click of a button. It significantly increases the chances of finding the right candidate for the right job in a lesser time duration and provides recruiters an edge over their competitors.

Download Free Trial :http://www.egrabber.com/resumegrabbersuite/trial.html


Premanand Arumugam

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John said...

Nice article highlighting the benefits of recruitment software - I think a lot of business fail to realise the benefits of recruitment software until they have tried it for themselves. Human error will always play a part when doing the tasks yourself, recrutiment software does not have this problem.