Resume Parser seamlessly extracts qualified resumes from any Internet source

In a fast-paced business world, recruiters are expected to deliver results in a limited timeframe. Whether it is building a resume database of qualified candidates or trying to fill hard-to-fill job openings, time is one of the most crucial factors of success.

Surveys reveal that recruiters spend quite a lot of time in manually extracting qualified resumes from various sources. It eventually consumes a lot of time and effort, and makes recruitment a lengthy process. A lengthy recruitment process leads to various implications like losing a potential candidate to the competitors, increased admin costs, and it affects both the client’s business as well as the recruiter’s credibility.

 Top sourcing specialists and recruitment professionals appreciate the value of time and they use resume parser to maintain the timeliness of the recruiting process. A resume parser seamlessly extracts qualified resumes from any Internet source and helps recruiters spend more time on other recruiting activities.

Using resume parser software, recruiters can quickly and effortlessly extract qualified resumes from search engine results, outlook emails, PC folders, clipboard, social networking sites, blogs, internet communities, etc. and transfer them to the most popular resume databases or application tracking systems. The resume parser supports multiple resume file types like Doc(x), RTF, HTML, Text and PDF formats. The resume parser helps recruiters to improve productivity by more than 80%.

ResumeGrabber Suite is a powerful resume parser that helps recruiters seamlessly extract qualified resumes from almost any Internet source and quickly build a resume database of qualified candidates.   

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