Automate key recruiting processes and increase hiring efficiency

With skill shortage always on the higher side, the war for talent is much fiercer than ever. Typically, recruiters have a list of key recruiting tasks to do on a daily basis. Recruiters feel that the initial recruitment phase consumes most of their time and it hinders the other daily activities. Recruiters say that candidate sourcing, resume parsing, resume screening, and candidate background check consumes more than 50% of their time.

In a typical scenario, recruiters spend about four to five hours a day on candidate sourcing. During times of talent crunch, they slog a couple of hours or more to source candidates. After sourcing candidates, recruiters again spend a great deal of time to import resumes to the database. Recruiters extract the resumes manually from various sources. They manually copy and paste the resume data from different resume sources to their database. This is a laborious task, which is also prone for typos.

Screening resumes is an important recruiting task as it determines the quality of a hire. Recruiters manually wade through huge stacks of resumes to pick the right candidate for the right job opening. It is more stressful for recruiters when the number of resumes outnumbers the number of job openings. The number of resumes screened per position drastically increases in such cases. It becomes a difficult task for recruiters to finish the task at hand.
Recruiters rely upon the Internet for candidate background check. With candidates found everywhere on the web, recruiters manually scan through the public profile links of the candidates. Blogs, forums, wiki, networking sites, and user groups act as a source of information for recruiters to find out the attitude, behavior, cultural background and other relevant information about the candidate.

So all these tasks consume most of the recruiters’ time and it not only affects the candidates and the clients but also affects the hiring efficiency of the recruiters. This clearly emphasizes the critical need and growing demand to automate key recruiting processes. It can help recruiters save time, energy, costs and increase hiring efficiency. Smart and successful recruiters believe that automating key recruiting processes can help them quickly and easily accomplish their recruiting goals within the desired time frame. However, choosing the right recruitment tool is very important.

ResumeGrabber Suite, an end-to-end recruiting tool, helps recruiters automate candidate sourcing, quickly import and screen resumes, and easily perform candidate background check for the selected candidates. This software comes with in-built search scripts that makes candidate sourcing very simple . Not only helping recruiters screen thousands of resumes in just a few minutes, also helps  perform a quick background check for the selected candidates.

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