Be on the Constant Lookout for New Web 2.0 Technologies

Source: eGrabber Newsletters

Most recruiters who were the first to embrace Web 2.0 to source candidates are seeing that advantage shrinking as more and more recruiters are using these tools. To stay ahead you have to continuously watch-out for new tools, experiment, and learn how to maximize value from them.

One outcome of Web 2.0 is that candidates expect more transparency and interactivity with potential employers. New technologies that satisfy these expectations can allow you to better assess and engage employees. For example, Instant Messaging (IM) is fast becoming another important Web 2.0 tool for recruiters. Using this can not only set you apart, but also have an impact on candidate experience and conversion rates.

Remember, recruiters who master the use of online tools and integrate them into their daily work-flow will find that it greatly helps hiring better candidates in less time.

Ref: Social Networking: How It Changed Recruiting and the Next Generation of Online Tools by Taleo