How to evaluate a resume screening software?

Recruiters’ biggest challenge is to screen the qualified candidates from the numerous resumes piling their Inbox. Nowadays, most of the recruiters have started using an automated system to screen the resumes.

If you plan to go for a resume screening tool, you need to check whether the software matches your requirements exactly. Consider the following points while you are purchasing the software.
  • Estimate the time taken to screen the resumes. Compare the manual hours spent to process a set of resumes with the time spent for the same set of resumes when you are using the software.
  • Check for resume data extraction. Verify that the software can extract required data from the resumes.
  • Look for saving the information. Check if the resume screening tool can save the resume data into your contact manager or database.
  • Consider multiple resume formats. The software should be able to support different formats of resumes.
  • Confirm quick communication. The software should enable to contact the potential candidate immediately.
  • Evaluate the simplicity. The tool should be easy to use with zero learning curve.
  • Calculate the ROI. Ensure that the amount invested in the software is saving you the time, cost and labor involved in a hire.
If the software meets all the above requirements, and makes your resume screening and processing a breeze, you can go ahead to purchasing the resume screening tool.

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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