Batch your Tasks for Faster Placements

Source: eGrabber Newsletter

Successful recruiters 'batch' their tasks and thereby make more placements in far less time.

If your assignment deals with a non-local or national market, see if you can set up a block of time for an employer to phone-screen several candidates on the same day, rather than spread the interviews days or even weeks apart. You might even offer to facilitate a teleconference or three-way call yourself.

And when qualified candidates are brought in for their face-to-face interviews, try to arrange for all the candidates to meet with your client over a one or two-day period. Batching tasks helps you to

  • control the candidate flow
  • infuse a sense of urgency in your tasks, and
  • focus on results

Premanand Arumugam

Information Developer, Technical Author, Content Writer, Blogger

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