ResumeGrabber helps Connect Faster with prospective candidates

ResumeGrabber helps drastically cut time on inefficient business processes, enabling to connect faster with an increased number of prospective candidates.

A Business Coaching and Training company recruits and trains franchisees/coaches. Based on proprietary sales, marketing, and business management systems, its processes are structured to help owners of small and medium sized businesses increase their business revenues and profits.

Problems faced

The company advertises for coaches on HotJobs, CareerBuilder, Monster and local job boards. They get about 10 to 12 resumes per week from job postings. Simultaneously, they also cold-call prospective candidates. They use CareerBuilder and Monster job boards to search for prospects who reside within the allotted territory, have business background as well as experience in coaching, training, managing etc

The process of searching resumes of prospects and manually processing them took atleast 4 hours every day. It greatly reduced the numbers of calls they could make each day and the connect time with prospects.


The company’s business coach chanced upon ResumeGrabber while searching the Google for possible solutions to address the inefficiencies in their work-flow. He passed it on to his assistant, who evaluated the product and found it extremely satisfactory.

With ResumeGrabber, they now have a faster way to input name, address, phone and email of the candidate, along with the resume into their database. The custom-designed macros that eGrabber developed for the company enabled them to automate the import of scores of resumes from job boards and screen them quickly. ResumeGrabber, along with Job Board macros saved her atleast 3 hours per day.

The Return on Investment was expectedly high and they realized within a week, as the time saved by ResumeGrabber is now used to make more follow-up calls and presentations.


ResumeGrabber has enabled them to:

· Build a database of qualified prospects quickly.

· Automate costly and inefficient business processes.

· Increase the connect time with prospects and their conversion ratio.

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